Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 20, 2014

- A couple weeks ago, we were walking home from lunch to drop off some stuff, and I wasn´t feeling very good at all. Oh, this is when I had that last stomach infection. So we were walking from our pensionista´s house to our house, and we passed a little store where a man was sitting outside. We waved at him, and he returned our gesture with a warm hello, and we kept walking. As we kept walking, and as we had made it to the corner, I turned around to see him, because the impression to talk to him was like screaming at me. I looked at him, and he was still looking at us from far away, so I knew in that moment that we had to turn around and talk to him. I said to my companion, "This is gonna be awkward because we already passed him, but we have to go talk to that man." He didn´t reply, but we turned around and introduced ourselves to this man. We got to know him, and he got to know us, and he shared with us a little about his life and how he has a drinking problem that he desperately wants to kick. He told us that he knew we could help him (because everyone here knows that we have something to do with religion and Christ), and then he told us, "I think that the Holy Ghost turned you guys around to come talk to me, to give me some help." In that moment, we were both SO thankful that we turned around, and listened to the Spirit. The man doesn´t live in our area, so we won´t teach him, but we sent his information to the missionaries that live in his area. As we walked away, my companion thanked me for turning around, because he had the same prompting but he didn´t say anything. That´s just one of many small stories like that that we´ve experienced.

- Dad, check out a talk called "The Challenge to Become" by Dallin H. Oaks. It´s screams "you".

- This Saturday is Edmundo´s baptism! We´re so excited!

- We officially rescued a less active member this week, and he has a calling now and goes to all the Elder´s Quorum activities. Not only has his life been blessed, but everytime his mom gets up in church to bear her testimony, she thanks us through tears in front of the whole congregation for helping her son come back to church. It sure is treat to see some of the fruit of your efforts
- My Spanish mind is so messed up. I saw the word "dollar" written somewhere, and in my mind I said, "What is a doyar?"

Are you guys gonna send me a birthday package? If not, that's totally fine. Just let me know so I can give you ideas of stuff I need!

I love you all (especially Kathryn right now..., take no offense everyone else) and I hope you´re all doing well (especially Kathryn). I pray for you daily (especially Kathryn). Thanks for your prayers!

Elder Wilkinson