Thursday, July 18, 2013

Elder Wilkinson's first letter!

July 18, 2013
Hey everyone!
Things are crazy but awesome here in the CCM, I will tell you a little bit about it, but first, I want to make sure that you forward this to the Frames, the Rossells, and anyone else you think may want to hear how I am doing.  I am not going to use contractions because these keyboards are ridiculously hard to use haha.

So the flight went really well! The airplane was super nice and huge, and there were a ton of Elders and Sisters on there.  Me and a group of like seven Elders actually ended up teaching a woman on the plane, and we were all like leaning toward her so intensely that I think she probably felt our breath on her neck haha, I ended up giving her a pass along card with a picture of the Salt Lake Temple and telling her that the website on the back has the answers to many of her questions.  She said that she had never felt the kind of peace that she felt when we Elders were conversing with her, and so obviously, that is the Spirit trying to tell her that what we were saying was true.  So I made a bunch of friends, and everyone is in a super good mood, ready to show the world what we are made of haha.  Spanish is coming more easily. Already. Holy crud (crud is my new missionary appropriate dirty word) I am so happy I went Spanish speaking because it comes surprisingly easily to me.  We landed and went through customs and everything, and found our guy waiting with an MTC plaque for us.  Then we drove for about 45 minutes to the CCM.  Lima is loco awesome. Its really huge and cool looking, but obviously very poor. I have been to Panama so its nothing I havent seen before.  Oh, and Guatemala. So we get to the CCM at like two in the morning, and they give us keys to our rooms.  we go to our rooms, practically yelling because of excitement, only to find that every room already had like four Elders in it, and we totally woke them up! It was hilarious, but we felt bad, and it was hard to apologize because they do not speak English and we barely speak Spanish haha. But it is way fun. I got my companion, who was actually a guy that was teaching people in the plane (yes, plural, people) and he is way cool. His name is Elder Bradshaw from Alpine, Utah, and we get along really well.  This whole time, we have been intensely itching to get our tags, that was like my number one goal, and we got them like an hour ago and I seriously feel so good with these things on (one on my shirt pocket and one on my lapel).  I have taken some good pictures, but I cant send them today, I dont know when I can, but I will eventually, so dont fret! 

I am so excited, all of the sadness of leaving home is gone already. By the time I hit the plane, I was no longer sad. Will I miss everyone? yes, yes I will haha, but two years flies by and there is no better cause to leave your home, family, and friends, than this.  Making friends, that I already feel will be friends for life, and its really cool. Dad told me once that he loved being on his mission and talking with other missionaries because they were all united with the same goal, they all had the same purpose, and that is so true. everyone is in a good mood because we havent been ridiculed or persecuted or rejected yet haha, but I brought all the cards that people wrote to me so that when I get super sad, which will happen, I can read them to remind myself that someone, somewhere, loves me at least a little bit haha, but right now I am on top of the world! Oh cool story, I had a hometeachee in Boston named Jaes Jones, well his cousing was on my flight and we became good friends.  Pretty awesome. Its a small, Mormon world haha. For breakfast today, they gave me hot chocolate. But ohhhhh no, this was not hot chocolate, this was a melted hershey bar with rice. It was so thick and disgusting, but I saw that Elder Bradshaw has finished his, and when I asked him why, he said, It was a test of will power, and so obviously I had to finish mine to prove myself. And so i did, and i literally almost barfed, but it was fun haha, i feel so easy going, gosh dang i feel great haha.  You know how we say cray cray in America? Well I am starting a new thing here in South America.  Loc loc. its a play on loco, which means crazy.  You guys can spread it up there too, if you want, but you have to cite me every time you use it.  Anyway, I miss you all. And when I say all, I mean all my friends, regardless of whether or not they read this, and family, and everyone from church. And everyone from California and from America. That pretty much covers it. I love you all endlessly, and I hope you all make amazing memories while I am gone, even though i hate missing out on the fun haha, but jokes on you, because Im the one having all the fun haha. Anyway, Mom, dad, can you forward this to Kathryn as soon as you get it so that she can post it on the blog. and forward to anyone you so desire, but the Rossells especially, because they specifically asked for that haha.  And Kathryn, can you just post on my facebook that theres a blog update? do that every time, so that i dont have to ask you to every time haha. please. thank you. oh and tell conrad i got his email and tell him i say thank you for it haha. i love you all. ask specific questions if you have them! that would give these letters more direction haha, and make sure people know they can email me! It doesnt take long, this email took just under a half hour and its super long, so i should be able to respond when anyone emails me. Gracias para los oraciones! Se amo! (That should mean I love you all!)
P.S. Ive never felt hotter shower water than I did today, and Ive never felt colder shower water than i did today. so count your blessings, i wont have a comfortable shower for two years. 

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