Monday, June 9, 2014

June 2, 2014

It truly is great how music touches the soul. It sounds so cheesy, but I really do feel like music is part of like me, like its an extra limb or something. I don't feel like myself when I don´t have music. That was a big transition for me going into the mission. I love "Where Can I Turn for Peace?", I also love "Be Still My Soul". I chose both of those songs to be sung at the sacrament meeting of my farewell talk. A song can heal a weary soul. 

- I saw Elder Risueño (RJ, the guys who came to church with me the
week before I left) in Tarija for a leadership training meeting. He
came up to me and told me that Hermana Jojola, OR SUZIE, started her
mission in the district where he is district leader. I told him to
tell her hi for me. She started her mission in the same city where I
started mine
- This is such a special time for our family! We are all experiencing
such grand adventures, every single one of us! I love this time of our
lives. We have so many reasons to be thankful.

To finish this letter, I have a challenge for Dad, Mom, Tess, Conrad,
Kathryn, Lane, and EVERYONE else who is reading this letter. There is
a new video that was made by the Church, called "Because of Him". My
challenge for you all is that you watch it on YouTube [or click that link], and that you post it on facebook with a short testimony of how Christ has blessed
the life and/or the life of your family, and that you challenge others
to participate in the same challenge. I can´t post the video, but I
have a firm testimony of Christ. HE is the reason we do everything we
do. HE is the reason life is enjoyable, HE is the reason we feel love,
happiness, peace, understanding, forgiveness, contentment and every
other good thing in this world. HE is the reason we pick ourselves up
and move forward, HE is our light. HE gave us everything. HE is our
best friend. HE is our Savior. And He loves us. I feel that love. And
I love Him for loving me.

And tell me about the results!

Elder Wilkinson

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