Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013

Many of the front doors are not weather tight, but I meant the dogs stick their noses under the gate [he's talking about the dogs from this letter]. Every house has a wall around it. Mom, I loved Conference more than I can express, and I missed the first two on Sunday, so I need to read them too! That's so great to hear about Tess and Conrad and Henry. All my friends are telling me how cute he is, and I wanna cry haha, but I have a few pictures of him on my camera. Thank you for your letter mom, I print off the letters from you and dad every week to read them during the week and apply what you teach me. You both have taught me so much in my life, and I literally, LITERALLY, could not have been blessed with better parents. The mission is great for thousands of reasons: but one of them is that I'm realizing how intensely I've been blessed in my life. Missions make selfish Americans grateful haha, and for that, I'm grateful. Example one. But seriously, I'm even grateful to be able to ride the bus maybe once or twice a week. It is a tender mercy of the Lord that I get to ride a bus. 

I love you all, and the letter is short this week so that I can send pictures. 

Hasta luegito!

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