Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 7, 2013

I don't have an organized email with stories today, just a random list of things I want to tell you that I wrote up throughout the week. So here goes:
- No person, ever, has felt real joy unless they have been a missionary receiving an unexpected letter. (That's sarcasm teehee) 
- Everyone chews coca leaves here, which is an ingredient in cocaine. They seriously grab an handful of leaves and shove it in their mouth until they have a huge bulge in their cheek, and then they leave it there all day. It's hilarious looking, and the smell is out of this world disgusting. 
- Have you ever tried an Oreo? They´re delicious, and I think I'm addicted.
-I'm also addicted to Coca Cola, it tastes different an amazing here, and it makes me happy 
- When we are waiting at doors for people to open up, and their dogs stick their noses under the door, we give them a little kick in the face, because they throw temper tantrums and it's hilarious 
- The Bishop in my ward here looks like a Bolivian version of dad, which is too perfect to be coincidental
Mom, I sent a few messages to dad that you can read. I love you, and hope you enjoy these quirky bullets haha.
Ryan Wilkinson 

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