Monday, April 28, 2014

April 14, 2014

What day is mother´s day? That´s awesome to hear about your fundraiser, I´m excited to be able to go back to Braille to help (and someday be the president). The Cheese Its werent crumbs when you got here, but the chicken and waffle chips, well, I think somebody must have snuck some caca into the bag because they tasted terrible. It reminded me well of Roscoe´s, but it gave me desires to throw up haha. But I love them, send them in every package hahaha. We don´t get the Ensign, if you want to send me the Ensign with all the conference talks in my next package, I woulnd´t argue. I can´t believe you´re going to Ireland, you´re doing all the cool trips without me! It´s alright, I´m on a cooler trip.

It was a good week. It´s starting to get cold, and instead of wearing a short sleeve shirt every day, wishing we could go out naked because its so hot, we spend the entire day in a suit. Last night, I emotionally felt like it was Christmas time, because Christmas here is super hot. I literally felt the Christmas spirit last night haha, too bad its APRIL! Things are going well though. We are working with a TON of families. There´s one familiy, the Familia Villegas, that has been going to church for four years without getting baptized because they´re not married. So many Elders have passed through this area and tried to help them to progress, but they weren´t ready. But we have helped them to put a date for their marriage, June 7th! We´re super excited. My first Sunday in this branch, they were in Gospel Principles, and I taught that day. I thought they were members! They had so many awesome things to say, and they participated more than the members do! I really hope they follow through with the marriage, and they´ll surely get baptized if they´re married. Pray for them! We are working with so many families, which is very exciting. It´s better to work with families than with individuals, because families immediately have a support system in the church and in the gospel. We are also working with less active families, many of which know the church is true, but don´t go for one reason or the other. Most less actives go inactive, not because they lost their testimony, but because they´re lazy, or work gets in the way, or even because their wife or husband got offended, and doesn´t let the other spouse go. The really strong members here are REALLY STRONG. I love these people, I love to get to know them and speak to them and have the chance to help them change their lives. I´m in an internet cafe right now and there's a bunch of teenagers playing computer games and screaming cuss words, I´m about to punch somebody hahahaha. I´m actually in the internet cafe of a family were are helping to activate haha. It´s a good life. Its a good time in the world. And that´s an understatement. Mom, be sure to send my letters to Tess so that she can upload them, please! Te amo, mamá.

Elder Wilkinson

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