Monday, April 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

I´m well instructed on what not to eat. I just do it anyway...... How is Kathryn getting bored when she has the world wide web at her fingertips 23-7? You really start to appreciate those things when you don´t have them haha. That´s a bummer about Leigh-Ann. I know how much she loved that car haha. And that´s a super bummer about Suzie haha, I´m glad we got mine in on time! This last weekend was Edmundo´s baptism. It was crazy. We tried so hard to plan it well and make it a spiritual experience for him, but during the baptism, another companionship from elsewhere in the city came the the church and told us that their baptismal font wasn´t working, and they heard that ours was already full, and that they had to baptize their man that moment so that he could get to work on time. So we combined the baptism and baptized him right before Edmundo. It was crazy and stressful, but now that it has passed, it was really funny. Later that night we had a dinner at their house, and they thanked us so much, even though they´re not members, for helping Edmundo with his decision. They said that their house is now our house and we are welcome anytime. It is honestly so refreshing to not be rejected hahaha, but the rejection doesn´t get me down. It´s actually surprisingly easy to bear slamming doors, and we stay light hearted about it and laugh. The hardest part of all of this is getting people to actually read the Book of Mormon, and pray and go to church, and do the things they need to do to gain a testimony. No one does it! Its so tough haha.

- In that package, can you send some ties? The mission standard is a little more loose now and you can send me some pretty flashy ones. But not too much.
- More than anything else, I need you guys to send me a book that you can buy at the distribution center. It´s called "Gospel Art Book", it´s an image book and on the front cover is one of those stands that holds up paintings. That is of extreme importance, please do all you can to get that book and get it to me. That book will literally change lives.
- We were teaching a lesson to an investigator family, and half way through the lesson, my companion says, "Elder, look at that baby´s shirt." There was a baby in the mom´s lap, and I look, and his little shirt says, "Cougar Super Fan- Brigham Young University". What? Seriously? What are the chances? They bought it at a used clothing outdoor market haha. I´m still confused.

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