Monday, April 28, 2014

March 24, 2014

Thanks for the update. I cant imagine you and dad with iPads, that's funny thought haha. I loved youth conference in high school, especially the one when I was on the youth committee. I enjoyed the responsibility that was given to me, it was way fun. I have not gotten a coat yet, and yes its getting cold. Which really sucks at about seven in the morning when I have to take a freezing cold shower. I'm getting used to it though. Two companionships live in that house. Its a cool house. There are four rooms, a bathroom, shower, a clothes washing area, and two kitchens all situated around a central area that is empty because we are poor haha. We love our house.  The walls are not black, and there will always be tons of dogs as long as I'm in Bolivia. I almost get bit on a daily basis. 

The was a baptism yesterday, of an 18 year old named Evaristo. He is super good, and we are hoping hes going to want to serve a mission. My last companion sent me an email telling me that an investigator that we were teaching was baptized. He is the brother of Edmundo, the one that got baptized when I was there. And now theyre working with the rest of the family. Its so cool to see that happening, that the family is slowly being completed. Nothing else really happened this week. We flew to Santa Cruz for a conference with Elder Grow of the Seventy. Thats pretty much it. I love you mom, and everyone else!

Elder Wilkinson 

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